Flute Teachers and Band Directors:
I work with many teachers and directors to put the right instrument into the hands of students. I am more than happy to send out a flute and have you check it out with a student to give them the peace of mind in knowing that it is of the highest quality and the condition is superior. I sell gently used instruments. Contact me for reduced pricing quotes on new instruments.

I offer up to $100 referral bonus for anyone who refers someone to me that then purchases a flute. $25 for flutes up to $1500, $50 for flutes $1500-$3000, $100 for $3000 and up. I will send out the referral check after the sale is completed with my sincere appreciation. Buying a flute or piccolo is a big investment for most families and I appreciate the trust that is extended to me in this process.

I am also available to set up inventory and work with schools in my area if requested.

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Patty Bartlett Moore provides LIVE ONLINE music lessons on Guitar, Sax, Flute, Irish Whistles and Irish Flute, Music Theory and Improvisation. You can contact me through my website.

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Welcome to The Flute Finder
I have been playing flute and piccolo for over 40 years. My business started as a hobby about 10 years ago when I began looking for a replacement flute for myself. The more I searched, the more I realized that good reliable used flutes flute red velvetwere very difficult to find and the market was certainly a "buyer beware" proposition.

I began working with a flute professional in town who has educated me over the years as to what to look for when purchasing an instrument and which ones to pass on. As a result, I only buy certain makes and models and the condition has to be stellar. After buying the instrument I have my professional flute repairman completely clean, adjust, oil and polish when necessary and make any needed repairs before I resell the instrument. I always test-play as a final step in making sure that you are getting the best flute for the money. I will never sell a flute or piccolo that will need new pads in the foreseeable future as that is a major expense that I would not pass on to a buyer.

What I Sell:
  • Flutes
  • Alto Flutes
  • Bass Flutes
  • All Level Piccolos
  • Beginner to Professional Levels

We also do Consignments - Click here for details

Please check out my referral page. I have many happy past customers and have never had anyone purchase an instrument and regret it.

I appreciate your trust in purchasing a flute or piccolo from The Flute Finder. It is an investment that will pay off for years to come.